Welcome on R.K.V. Transport & Umzug Service

Since 1994 we offer professional transport and moving services with assembly and basic cleaning and much more, to the complete satisfaction of private and business customers. Due to our good reputation and services, we were able to establish long-term customer relationships. At the same time, we strive to win new customers every day.

We operate Germany-wide / Europe-wide with service partners. Our head office is in Offenbach near the German Skyline metropolis Frankfurt am Main.

We also help with small concerns.

We offer the following services:

Private moves

We offer small and large moves for private and office with disassamble and reassambling.

Office moves

We offer complete office moves including packing, unpacking, moving, assembly, disassembly, cleaning, storage, clearing out etc.


We offer all kind of transport services at fair prices in Germany / Europe wide.

Assembling service

Our furniture fitters will disassemble and assemble, all kinds of furniture.

Additional services

We do complete cleaning, clearing out and take over packaging of all kinds (furniture, industrial machines, etc.).